Dank Demoss @nigezietv

Upcoming US rapper, Dank Demoss is so proud of her body that she took to her Facebook to pose nude pictures of herself and also clap back at her haters.

The rapper who is unhappy with the way people see and talk about her, also encouraged people who are ashamed of themselves. The picture has been trending since she released it.

Dank Damoss @nigezietv

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Read what she wrote:

“They tried to break me ! They tried to be friend me because of who I am ! They tried to drive me in sane ! They want me in that whole again !!! They want me to hate myself !!! They think I shouldn’t be here because according to their. Books I’m FAT AND IM SLOPPY ! What if i was 150 lbs and I took this picture would I get negative or positive ? What if I had the body of a goddess ? Those pple stilldon’t have as much confidence as I do !! I took this picture bc I want everyone to know that they are beautiful !!! Y’all have purpose ! Y’all can change the world you are great you are powerful u are smart you are intelligent MOST OF ALL YOU ARE DIFFERENT !!! I know I’m going to get a lot of negativity from my picture but I don’t. Care man !!! Because y’all will never ever take me back to that dark place again !!!
Love yourself and believe that you are great

Dank Damoss @nigezietv

Dank Damoss @nigezietv


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