"That's so primitive and ghetto" – OAP Toolz knocks men who feel threatened by successful women

Popular media figure, OAP “Toolz” Oniru-Demuren has described men who feel threatened by a woman’s achievement as primitive.

The OAP had said this in response to a clip in which the presenters of the Hardly Initiated podcast, Tysean Jackson and Ryan Catchings, suggested that women who earn a lot aren’t alluring to guys.
The presenters of the show had invited Philip Karaya, a finance to speak about business to their listeners.
One of the presenters claimed that women who are accomplished in their occupations are less appealing.
In the presenter’s word:
“I had a woman tell me: ‘I got a good job, I make very, very good money and the only thing I need now is a man,’ But who wants you? Like, who wants you? If you have achieved these things, you have unfortunately disqualified yourself”

Responding to the show, OAP Toolz said:

“I personally think that men who are turned off by high earning/successful women give off little d energy…but what do I know?”
Taking to her Instagram, she addressed ladies, saying that their partner should be comfortable with their accomplishments and not being threatened by it.
She wrote:
“The right partner should celebrate you fully and not feel like you being successful is going to ‘bring disrespect’.
That’s so primitive and ghetto”

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