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Falz the Bahd guy who is the CEO Bahdguys Records in an interview with Nigezie recently talks about being single which he feels so many people may not know about.

Since leaving the law sector and becoming an entertainer, rapper/actor, Falz the bahd guy, has continued to be one of the most successful and bankable Nigerian acts.

The last time he was interviewed by PUNCH, he said; “In terms of relationship matter, I want to keep that one aside for now because relationship can be a source of distraction. When somebody loves a woman so much, he may abandon his work and I don’t want that to be the story of my life. So when it comes to relationships, I am still single and I don’t currently have anybody. That does not mean that I am not searching or I am not ready to mingle with single ladies. We can still mingle and have some fun together; who knows somebody may just capture my heart. So I may be over here saying I’m not searching, and somebody may be out there planning to win my heart and by the time they capture me, Falz will become love struck. What can I do when it happens?” he queried.

Check out what he told us again….he also talked about some more things you don’t know about FALZ

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