Singer Tiwa Savage disclosed several things in an interview on the Mid-day radio show with Beat FM OAP Toolz, who later shared highlights and quotes via her website.

Here are the Excerpts:

  • Tiwa Savagesa doesn’t want her son to feel pressured to do music because that’s what she’s doing and he’s a little shy. If he’s dancing and he catches you watching him, he’d stop.
  • She would love for her son to be a ball player (basketball or soccer), so he can buy her a retirement home.
  • She and TeeBillz are doing whatever they are doing privately and it’s going to remain private.
  • She is working on a song with Coldplay.
  • The day she had her son is the day she’d never forget. It was a 22 hour labour and she has a lot of scars on her body to remind her.
  • If she were not in the entertainment industry, she wouldn’t have tried to lose weight. She is embracing her stretch marks, she has a pouch and she isn’t going to do surgery to get rid of it.
  • Per gender discrimination, she believes women are to be strong and career wise and all that but when they are home, she believes the men are the heads of the house and men and women are not equal.
  • If she were a guy, she would get away with a lot more. If she were a male artist, she wouldn’t have as much flack.

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