Trending video of single ladies praying for husbands stirs reactions online [Watch]

A trending video showing the moment some single women cried out to God for husbands at a prayer ministry has triggered the reactions of netizens.

In the now-viral video, the spinsters could be seen clapping and singing a song that encapsulated their situation.

The song’s lyric, believably for worship says: “Carry me de go, Jehovah carry me de go my husband house.”
A Twitter user shared the video with the caption: ”Wait, whaaaaaat. E don reach like this ??? Thought men are scum”
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Wait , whaaaaaat
E don reach like this ???
Thought men are scum 🤷‍♂️
— Kelechi  (@JustKelechi) May 16, 2022

Reactions Trail
@Jeffrey Attachin: “One thing I know for sure is that, God’s words doesn’t fall on the ground, it surely will come to pass, the Bible has confirmed that already, that there will come a time when seven women will hold on to one man to be their husband while they fend for themselves, we are approaching that time, cause if you check the statistics, the number of women is times(×) four that of men.”
@Nweke Samuel: “You now who just married freely will not understand the pain of others, it’s good this video is trending because certainly someone will see a lady in this video and come to marry her, mocking people who are asking God for a husband doesn’t worth it, you that’s laughing at this video you are there asking God to carry you to prosperity, to a place of abundance, to abroad, to a place of good fortune, what’s different with you and them.”
@iamichael_arch: Alot of men mocking this ladies also prays in private for a wife tooo…..some men don’t know it’s even harder to find a life partner.”

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