Woman narrates experience after shaving grand daughter's hair

A grandmother has narrated the story of her grand daughter whose hair stopped growing after her hair was shaved when she was 5.
According to the grandmother and child who shared the story to Afrimax, the father died just after shaving off her hair at 5.

She narrated,
She’s my grand daughter. she was born with hairs and she was a normal child. Her legs were okay too.

It was the day her father shaved her hair at 5 years old, that everything began. Immediately her hair was removed, her father died. We waited and her hair never grew again. Her eye brows started fading off.
So we decided to know the reason and find out why. So we took her to a village traditional doctor who gave her a lot of herbs to apply on her head. but this did not work. We went to another and it still didn’t work.
So we decided to give up cause we were wasting a lot of money and nothing was happening. Not long after that, she lost her mother too. Shortly after that, her legs started bending on its own till she became disabled.
Watch video below,

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