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YBNL Princess Is Out In This News Against Olamide And YBNL

YBNL Princess Is Out In This News Against Olamide And YBNL

It was a great feeling for the fans of Olamide YBNL imprint when he announced he has signed the first female act, Temmie Ovwasa, 21, under his record label in 2016. But she seems sad as she allegedly said she is not happy with the label.

He [Olamide] had mentioned he would not bother getting a female under his imprint because they don’t last long on the scene but he was thrilled with the talent in Ovwasa.

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Temmie Ovwasa, who started her music life at age 8 went on to release songs like ‘Afefe’, ‘Jabole’, & ‘Bamidele’ with visuals under the YBNL imprint which got airplays across the country, and since then on its been quiet from her stables but it seems all is getting sour at this point after a creepy tweet from her official handle.


The tweet shows concerns of Temmie Ovwasa being bullied by probabaly a business associate and which could probably be directed at Olamide. Another major look is Temmie’s might be running out of contract with YBNL according to the rules of the imprint, “once its two years you have to leave and created yours to uplift others.”.

Temmie Ovwasa tweet reads; People like to think that being mean, disrespectful and treating their staff/other people like shit is the same thing as having Strong Work Ethics. You can’t talk to people anyhow and be thinking you are doing them a favor by “teaching” them to handle success. You’re a Bully.

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