"Being healthy is better than having money"

A lady identified as @sweetmarazurum on TikTok says she’s facing a life-threatening health challenge, despite being a billionaire.

According to her, she’s currently suffering from cancer despite acquiring wealth. She went on to state that she would rather be cancer free than be a billionaire. She made it clear in her video that a healthy person is better than a sick billionaire. In her words: “F^ck money I want to be cancer free. If you’re healthy you’re better than a sick billionaire. When money 💰 is no longer the problem I pray your health won’t be. I wish I have price to be cancer free.” Watch the video below: @sweetmamazurum1 Money is not everything, that’s on period!!! Na me talk am🙌🙌🙌. Go through a big health challenge, then come let’s argue 🤣 #sweetmamazurum1 #fuckcancer ♬ original sound – LYRICS AFRICA

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