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Bobrisky Gives His Own Side Of The Story After Incident

Bobrisky Gives His Own Side Of The Story After Incident


The snapchat male Barbie Bobrisky explains his side of the story and the reason why he pulled such an action.

Bobrisky released a statement of how things went down between him and the lady.

Hey people, good morning. Bobrisky wants to explain his own part of the story…what happened last night between me and a girl. Yesterday, about 7PM, I went to the mainland to finish up my nails. So I met two young girls inside that shop. The other one said ‘Ah Bobrisky, what’s up’. The other one was just eyeing me for no reason, but what’s my business? She was eyeing me for no reason but I can’t go and accuse her for eyeing me. She can do anything with her (h) eye, so I kept quiet. The next minute, she brought out her phone and she was filming me while I was doing my nails and I said ‘Hello, madam, don’t film me’. So after I said ‘don’t film me’, she said ‘You’re stupid. You’re foolish. You this prostitute…what are you doing here?” So I said ‘Anymore insult from you tonight, I’ll deal with you’. She said they did not born me well, I should do my worst, you this (inaudible). After the exchange of words between me and her, she was still filming me and I was like ‘What the f* is wrong with this B*?’ So I stood up and I gave her a punch on her eye, because I was like why would you film me without my consent. So before I know, she called some area boys to beat me up and I was like, ‘Call them, I am waiting for them.