All The Dancers Ganging Up Against Me Are Babies According to the Dance queen Kaffy.

Kaffy has taken time to express her mind in a recent interview. Nigerian dance queen, Kaffy‘s angry outburst against Davido a few days ago has led to a lot of blow backs.

A couple of young dancers led by Micheal Omani called her out saying, ‘I disagree with what Kaffy. If you want to throw shades at anybody, do it without involving dancers because the same thing you said Davido did to you is what you do to us and I bet if dancer vote we’ll vote you out that you are wrong’.

Kaffy in an exclusive interview with Thenetng responded to them saying, ‘These same dancers rising up against me are the same people I have sacrificed for. It’s because they don’t know the nitty gritty of the industry, the countless hours of meetings. If they know that they are that good, why can’t they progress on their own, why are they coming to look for jobs in my place. If I truly don’t pay them why are they still coming till now, most times clients don’t pay I cover it up with my money. Some of them even go behind my back to say they are the ones that teach me dance steps all in a bid to get jobs behind my back and when they mess it up the client comes back to me. If I’m an evil person, how would I have sustained my career for 15 years and be on top till now. They won’t tell you the great things I’ve done for them they’ll only tell you when they feel uncomfortable. i got this far not because of how well i dance, I got this far because of my heart.’


She went on to call them babies who know nothing about the game.

In her words, ‘The dancers ranting are babies, the ones that are in my league, they are coming together, they are forming an association, they are doing rallies, seminars and forums. It is going to change from now that’s why I’ve been speaking to the organisers of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference to get dancers on that platform.’

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