"I believe the Pastor, my abus*r will have his own documentary one day"

Nigerian Writer, Ese Walter on Tuesday made a wish for the ”pastor” who allegedly abused her many years ago to have his own Netflix documentary someday.
Her wish came in reaction to the documetary of the late American financier and convicted sex offender, Jeffery Epstein’s.

Noting that she had just watched the heartbreaking documentary, Ese wondered what powerful men enjoy while violating teenage girls.
She relived her experience and remarked that until the Epstein and R.Kelly story, she had presumed her abuser was doing it for spiritual powers.
Recall that Ese made the news in 2013 when she alleged that she had sexual relations with clergyman and founder of COZA, Biodun Fatoyinbo.
Her post in this regard reads: “Finally brought myself to watch #jeffreyepstein’s Netflix documentary and hearing those ladies talk brings back memories of my experience with a Pastor. It is only in hindsight (11 years later) that I am able to dissect all that happened, appreciate therapy, cut my family off and seek healing off and online but especially online because I have met so many people and read so many stories that make me believe it wasn’t my fault. I was targeted like most young women and shame has kept me small all these years. No more!
XMy question these days is, why do some rich men abuse young women and underage girls? As an African woman, I thought the pastor’s back-to-back sexual doings were jazz related. People like Epstein and Robert Kelly dey do jazz too?
“What actually goes on in the minds of these men? Are paedophiles mentally ill or just evil? Has anyone of these types of men come forward with a reason why they abuse so many women?
“I believe the Pastor will have his own Netflix documentary one day. Not just him but many others like him.
“I also believe that women of these types of abuse will begin to intentionally seek healing. These things can hold one down for years and years.
“Abuse doesn’t have to be final. I believe in seeking healing and doing the work to heal your inner child and outer adult. Also, please remember that healing is not linear. One day at a time, we will find wholeness. #Ibelieveyou

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