I felt such unexplained pain

Gospel musician Nathaniel Bassey has also reacted to the death of the pregnant lawyer who was shot by a policeman on Christmas day.
Recall that it was reported that a policeman shot a heavily pregnant lawyer who was seated in her husband’s car after returning from church on Christmas Day near Ajah bridge.
Nathaniel Bassey has taken to his Instagram page to disclose how he felt when he heard the news of the death of the pregnant woman. According to Nathaniel, he felt an unexplained pain after hearing the news.
Nathaniel Bassey wrote on his page;
“To say I’m pained is an understatement. The whole of yesterday I felt such unexplained pain, that I had to sleep.
How do we explain a police officer shooting at a citizen unprovoked? How? A family out to celebrate Christmas but ending their day in needless and avoidable agony. And to think that this has happened just two weeks after an officer from the same division shot a young man dead is becoming a mystery.
Oh, What grief they have caused these families. People, There’s too much blood on our land. Too much.
I pray for the family and loved ones this young lady (who was also pregnant) has left behind – May The Lord comfort them.
While I have met a number of fine and responsible Policemen, it is important to state that quite a number of them are in need of urgent attention. Because What we see on the streets is alarming, to say the least. We can’t be praying for protection against kidnappers and robbers and also praying the same about policemen meant to protect us.
Thanks to the Lagos state government for their swift response on this matter. But more needs to be done to check the operations of the police to forestall another wrath of the citizenry on the police as we witnessed a while ago.
Plus, policemen/ women should note, that shedding innocent blood holds spiritual consequences, not just for them, but for their generation. Having pastored for a little while, I have seen innocent people pay dearly for what their progenitors did way back. May the Lord deliver us from evil, and help our police force. In Jesus’ name.
May no arrow or bullet cut our lives short before time in Jesus’ name.
Please say a prayer for this family.”

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