Boyfriend cousin lady wed

A lady identified as Graceihotu has taken to the widely-used online forum, Nairaland to narrate a heartbreaking breakup story.
Boyfriend cousin lady wed

The devastated lady whose boyfriend is set to walk down the aisle in no time with another woman disclosed that when she confronted him initially as regards the relationship he has with the lady and he said she was his cousin.
To her greatest surprise, she saw a Facebook notification a few days ago pertaining to her boyfriend’s wedding with the same girl he referred to as his cousin.
Read the story below:

“My question is “what do guys really want”
I am not saying I am perfect but I know I am surely the best girlfriend any guy could ever think of yet I am still experiencing heartbreak at 31
Had issues with my boyfriend since last year April bkos of a particular girl he posted on Facebook addressing her as the mother of his house. I became angry and told him I was only going to continue the relationship if I spoke to the lady in question bkos same lady posted him too calling him her first love.
He told me the lady was his cousin sister and of course I believed him bkos she bares same surname with his cousin brother whose wedding we attended together, He addressed me as his wife to be throughout the occasion so I had everything to believe in him
Just five days ago I saw his wedding notification on Facebook with that same lady. My heart has never been this broken B4 in my life. I have cried out my soul to the extent that I barely see clearly this days. I tried not to cry but I just can’t. I am seriously weeping as I am typing this.
I have tried to encourage myself but I just can’t stop crying and WAILING.
Who have I ever offended and what exactly do guys want?
I have searched all through the 5 yrs of relationship and aswear with my life that I never stressed him but I only requested Love not Money from him
My heart is bleeding.
I only sent him his pre-wedding pics and congratulated him then he replied “thanks”
He feels I don’t deserve an explanation”
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