A lady has cried out bitterly while revealing that she is desperately in need of a boyfriend.
Lady boyfriend konji knacking

The lady who made a video to express herself said she has stayed for months without romps just because she wants the next guy she will have intercourse with to be her boyfriend.
Speaking further, she lamented over high libido while complimenting her culinary skills. She professed to have self-control and affirmed that she doesn’t cheat.
Watch the video below:

Social media users have reacted differently to the video…
donceegoodlyfe wrote:
“Konji is real 😩😩😂😂😂”
bobo_money2 wrote:
“Okay, you can message me, but you are going to talk good care of me 💫”
obinnaeweama wrote:
“If u get self control u no go come out on social media my sister 👏, but first cook make I see first🚶🏾‍♂️”
billionaire_glory wrote:
“Na ur teeth they pursue them no vex”

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