"It was a movie script, everything in that video is just acting"

Popular Nollywood actor, Baba Ijesha, makes a shocking claim on how the sexual abuse incident caught on tape was a movie script.

baba ijesha

This comes months following the actors’ ongoing case in court for child molestation that has since thrown the entertaining industry in chaos.
While presenting a transcript of his Whatsapp chat with Princess, Baba Ijesha affirmed that the act was a movie script orchestrated by his colleague, Princess.
“On April 19, 2021, Princess sent me a message that she wanted to start a production and she would like me to play the role of a lover boy which I replied ‘okay’.

“She said the story is about rape and she wanted to tell the story in another dimension.”
A printout of WhatsApp message between Princess and the defendant was presented by the defense counsel and tendered before the court admittance into evidence by Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo.

"It was a movie script, everything in that video is just acting planned by Princess" - Baba Ijesha makes shocking revelation in court

“I asked for the movie location but she told me to come over to her house.”
“Before I entered, Princess met me at the balcony that the movie production was a Lagos State project, adding that the state wanted her to be the face of ‘anti-child molestation.’
“She told me to improvise and create a story by myself. I told her the house was dark when I entered. She said we should rehearse that she would use her phone.
“Princess told me to kiss and suck the br€ast of the child, adding that the dress the girl was wearing was purposely for the role the girl wanted to play.
“She would leave the room so that the child would not be shy to play out the role.
“All those things we are seeing in that video is just acting. My lord check my record when it comes to acting, I can kill myself and die for acting. She was the one directing and filming my angles,” he said.
“She told me I could go into the kitchen as well. She told the girl in question you remember what I told you, when I leave the room now, act out your role perfectly.
“The girl removed my shoe and I started acting out my role. I romanced her based on the movie role Princess gave me.
“As I was acting with the girl, kissing and licking her fingers, I was also whispering to her ‘hey do not look at the camera’.
“Suddenly, I saw like eight people including Princess, entered the room and started beating the girl,” he concluded.

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