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“Justice Ekwo’s judgement was purchased”

Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State claims Justice Inyang Ekwo’s judgement which sacked him as the governor of his state at a federal high court was purchased.
Adding that he’s not surprised that the judge delivered the judgement in favour of the Peoples Democratic Party, Umahi claimed “Ekwo was charged and needed to discharge.
Umahi noted that he will be appealing the judgement passed by the Judge whom he said is on a mission ‘to embarrass the All Progressives Congress and the Federal Government’.
In his words: “I am still the Governor of Ebonyi State and there is no tension at all. In the first place, there is no constitutional provision for any hatchet man to remove a governor.
“There are three ways whereby a governor can vacate his office: it is either by death, resignation and impeachment. There is no other constitutional provision that empowers a hatchet man to turn the Constitution upside down.
“I have listened to the judgement of Inyang Ekwo and it’s very obvious that he was on a mission. He was making all effort to upturn the rulings of the Appeal and Supreme Courts, on issues like this.

“We have heard the rumours before now that he was determined to give judgement against all known laws and the Constitution, first to embarrass the APC, and to equally embarrass the Federal Government.
“For me, I do not feel worried; but, I feel so bad for the judicial in Nigeria. The executives may have problems; the legislature may have problems, but the moment justice could be purchased, then we are in trouble in Nigeria.
“It’s obvious that the ruling this afternoon is clear evidence that this country is in trouble. And let me tell you, this same judge, has over ten cases against the Ebonyi State Government with him. And you can imagine what he is going to rule.
“We have petitioned him to NJC and we will follow it up to the end to ensure that this man (Ekwo) is brought to justice. I want you to disregard the judgement because it’s null and void.
“I want you to disregard the judgement, it is null and void there is a subsisting judgement in Ebonyi and Zamfara states. So we have chosen the one to obey, we will not obey his ruling, we will obey the ruling of a competent court of coordinate jurisdiction that says you cannot sue a Governor.
“The sections of the Constitution are very clear, no civil or criminal proceedings could be brought against a sitting governor. This is not a pre-election matter, this is not a tribunal matter. So he has murdered justice in this country and he and his generation will be remembered for this jungle justice which has no leg to stand..
“I am still the Governor of Ebonyi state and he has no powers to remove me.”