Lady leaks chat with hiring manager who asked her to come over

A lady has leaked her chat with a job hiring manager who asked her to come over to his crib before getting selected for the job. While sharing the screenshots via Twitter, Fosuwaah said she couldn’t get the job because she refused to oblige his request. She lamented over the situation and recounted how she had heard it severally but didn’t think she would experience it first-hand. “Dear Hiring manager, if I don’t come to “your crib” I won’t get the job right? 😂😂 this is really absurd. I’ve heard people say it but experiencing it is something else”, she wrote. Netizens have stormed her comments section to share their thoughts about the situation. While many lambasted the hiring manager for making such an inappropriate request, others insisted that she wouldn’t have leaked the conversation on Twitter. Addressing those who said she should have kept it secret, she said: “You all keep saying I should expose him and what not. But what is the guarantee that anything is going to change or something is really going to be done about it? People will just come on here, throw insults and call names and that’ll be it. It’ll end there.” See the chats below;

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