Lady narrates experience with chubby lady at a mall

A lady has shared her experience with a chubby lady who tried to snatch her boyfriend at a mall.
Recounting her experience with the said lady, she said,

“Wahala dey ooo. These wanna-be side chicks no longer have shame again. Asin they no dey fear at all.
I went to mall with my boyfriend today. Saw this chubby girl looking so closely and strangely at us. I asked my boyfriend if he knows her, he said no.

Our eyes kept making contact cause she was looking too much. At a point I gave her a signal like wetin happen? She then approached us and asked if we are there for the first time. I said no. She said she’s there for the first time and wouldn’t mind if she follows us around the mall. I was like…. Hian. Which day them start this one?
My boyfriend Mr nice guy said okay and she began to follow behind. Only for this girl to try slipping a paper with her phone number in my boyfriend’s pocket. I caught her immediately and gave her the insult of her life in the presence of people at the mall. She walked out in shame.”

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