Lady seeks advice on how to cleanse her conscience after sleeping with long-term male best friend following quarrel with husband

A lady has taken to social media to seek advice after she had an affair with her male best friend following a quarrel with husband.

The lady revealed that she had been friends with the said friend for a long time and people had speculated they were dating but that was far from the truth.
The lady and the male best friend usually attend a training in UK and after a quarrel with her husband, she slept with the male friend and now she can’t seem to forgive herself and get the image out of her head.
See her post:
“Hello. Kindly post as anonymous.
This guy has been my only best friend for over 10years. We were accused of having a relationship but nope there was nothing like that between us. We were real friends.

Last year we met in Uk for a training as we always do, since we are in the same field.
Before the trip, I had issues with my husband that made us cold towards each other.
This time around my best friend and I were extremely close that we started talking about sxx and all that. Like joke we slept together! (A very short time)
Since then I have never been myself. The guy has feelings for me but I always took him as a brother. I feel so dirty, and I regretted sleeping with him.
I have decided to stop the friendship. I cut him off completely. The problem now is my conscience. I want to erase this part from my head. I get mad at myself anytime my mind goes on it. And it’s killing me
Please advise! Thank you”

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