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Lady shares heartbreaking experience with father-in-law and 5-year-old son

A lady has shared her heartbreaking experience with father-in-law who came to her matrimonial home to stay for sometime.
Sharing her story, the angry lady revealed how her father-in-law brings women to the house and sleeps with them in the presence of her 5-year-old son.

She wrote,
“My people, strange things are happening. My father-in-law will deal with me when he sees this but I don’t care. My conscience cannot deal with this anymore.

So two months ago, my father-in-law came to my matrimonial home to stay with us. He said he got a contract close to where we stay. We said okay. No problem.
I have a five-year-old son who was very fond of him. Whenever he comes home, my son would run and hug him and stay glued to him till he sleeps off at night.
It continued like that till about three weeks ago, I noticed that my son no longer goes to him. In fact he began to shiver and shake whenever he sees my father-in-law. This is somebody who would not agree to leave his side before.
I was worried and I talked to my husband about it but he waved it aside. This thing continued until one day when the truth finally came out.
I called my son, bought him pringles and his favourite drink. Asked him to tell me what my father-in-law does to him. And that was when he told me how my father-in-law brings in women to the house and anytime they come, he would tie my son’s hands to a chair and ask him to keep quiet and not tell anybody.
I was furious. I told my husband. He was raging too and he decided we set a trap. We pretended to go out and this man actually came in with women and he sleeps with them in the presence of my son. A 5 year old boy.
I screamed and shouted and he begged that we keep it a secret that he’s leaving and would never come back. But I promise to deal with him. My mind won’t be at peace till I pay him back for the trauma he caused my son”.