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Look At Kim Khardasian’s New Pink Hairstyle (Drop Comments)

Look At Kim Khardasian’s New Pink Hairstyle (Drop Comments)

Out with the old, in with the new. Kim Kardashian showed off pink hair on social media Sunday (Feb. 25), a bold new look for the recently blonde reality star.

Just yesterday, she was complaining about how much she was “over” her blonde hair — and teasers from the filming of her upcoming Family Feud appearance  with husband Kanye West showed her as still blonde — so she was apparently quick to make the change.

“I don’t really do wigs,” she said on Twitter on Sunday, referring to her new bubblegum pink look. “It’s real.”

This isn’t the first time the color has made an appearance in the Kardashian-West household: in 2016, Kanye was photographed out and about with multi-colored hair that featured a dash of pink. In 2017, Kim’s sister Kylie debuted what she called “rosé” hair, while Kendall went pink for a feature in Vogue in 2015.

See Kim’s pink hair below: