Man seeks advice after ex who introduced him as a 'long-time friend' to her male bestie comes back begging

A man has recounted how an ex girlfriend who had introduced him as a long friend to her male bestie came back begging.

The man revealed that he had met the girl some years back on his way to work and they had been dating for two years and he had taken care of all her needs.
After sponsoring her training she had began giving him some attitude; not answering his text or calls and gives flimsy excuses for not doing so.
He later caught her with a guy, and she introduced him to the guy as her long time friend even though they had been dating for two years.
He moved on after that, met another girl who gives him a lot of attention only for the ex to come back begging.
The ex even went ahead to warn the new girl to stay away from the guy, claiming she is his girlfriend.

Read his full story below:
“Bra Kobby, I am a guy of 27 years and was dating a lady for 2 and a half years. I was focused on my work and single life when one morning i met this girl in a car going to work She was in a Seat infront of me and i was sitting behind her. I payed for her fare and took her number and we started talking from there. We live in the same area but not that close. About 30 minutes walk from each other.
I proposed to her and she told me that she doesn’t trust guys nowadays so she is afraid to even date mpo. I did my best to convince her and we started dating. Bra kobby i did my very best for this girl when we were dating. Anytime she needed something and i could do it for her i would gladly do it for her. I took this girl out many times just to make her happy. She said she wanted to become a fashion designer so i took her to a seamstress around our area who was very good at training apprentices at her shop. I helped her buy all the things she needed and she started.
4 months after she started her training this girl started misbehaving… She doesn’t pick my calls for days, then she will later call and apologize saying she was doing something for her aunty and many other excuses. We would argue and then forget about it.
One Evening i decided to go see her at her work place and when i got there she was standing beside their shop with a certain man holding her very tight. I got close and greeted her and the man. The man immediately asked her who i was cos we look alike…he asked if was her brother anaa …She boldly told him no and that i am her long time friend…Shock just catch me at once…i wanted to talk but it was like my strength had just left me, so all i could Say was…’ me, your friend? “… Then i turned and left there and went home..
That evening i couldn’t sleep, water kept rushing through my eyes saaa….. i even thought this girl will call and explain or something but nothing…i also didn’t call her.m3 weeks i still hadn’t heard from her but i decided to still wait…
One of my close friends who knew about our relationship visited me at my place and in our conversations he asked me about her and i told him what had happened…He said i should forget her and that he has a lady friend who is seriously looking for a guy to date and He thinks i am the best for her…I didn’t even want to hear it at that point but he was like he will make me see her and he did…i liked her the very first time i spoke to her and a week after that we started dating.
This girl calls me more than i call her, she gets foods stuffs for me and even cooks to store in the fridge and all that…! sometimes even ask myself if she is for real cos she is just good…
My problem now is that the other lady came to my place last week Monday crying and begging that she was sorry and bla bla bla… i didn’t want to even listen so i asked her to go but she has been calling and texting me, begging…
Thursday this girl went ahead to meet the new lady on her way from work and warned her to stay away from me because i am her boyfriend. The new lady came to confront me saying i lied to her, and told me what happened i explained everything to her but she is saying i should do something to make her trust me because she doesn’t like the way the old girl is behaving…
Right now i don’t know what to do because i don’t want to lose this new one, i need your advice please.”

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