Mohbad's wife accused of affair with late husband's manager

Mohbad's wife accused of affair with late husband's manager

Barely two months following the demise of the notable Afrobeat singer, Mohbad, his wife, Omowunmi Aloba is accused of an affair with her late husband’s manager. The allegations were made by the late singer’s friend, Micee during an interview session with the controversial commentator, VeryDarkman.

mohbad's wife

Late Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi Aloba. This comes days after Micee took to his Instagram story to rant at length about the ill-treatment Mohbad faced at the hands of his wife while alive. In the interview, Micee affirmed that the late Mohbad had a clash with a manager named Tunde who made an insensitive statement on how he’s under the control of his wife. This triggered the ex-signee to dash to Marlians house to have a face off with the said individual.


Micee Furthermore, he added that Mohbad’s manager who is a lesbian was having an affair with Mohbad’s wife and the singer had video evidences as confirmed by an associate of theirs. “Mohbad went to Marlian’s house; he and his manager, Tunde had an argument when he told Mohbad, ‘I am not the type that is controlled by his wife.’ They are trying to hide stuff, I don’t want to mention names. There’s one of their associates, an old manager, he said Mohbad had videos and showed them; the manager would send video of her having stuff with his wife,” he said in part. Watch the video below …

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