"He walked up to me and called me 'oh boy' as if I'm his mate" – Portable explains why he fought Young Duu's manager

Controversial singer, Portable explains the reason he and Young Duu’s manager has been seen fighting in a viral video. A video which had gone viral earlier showed the Zazoo crooner fighting Young Duu’s manager over an unknown matter.

Singer, Portable. Photo source: Instagram. They two had met at an event where the brawl immediately took place. Portable has come out to reveal that it had all been Young Duu’s manager, Kesh’s fault. He stated that Young Duu’s manager had disrespected him with the way he approached him. According to him, he waked up to him and called him ‘oh boy’ as though he were his mate. Portable emphasized that he and Young Duu, his manager and others are not friend; they are enemies and they better stay their lane. Watch him speak below: Young duu came to me and said oh boy ,like I’m his mate, that’s why I slapped his hand – Portable pic.twitter.com/qy1vXvMjkM — Dami’ Adenuga (@DAMIADENUGA) December 22, 2023

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