There are several men in the world who have different styles of dressing especially wearing shoes while some don’t even care about what they wear or how they look; their own goal is making the money and staying responsible for their family.

In today’s discussion, we will be talking about Various shoes that is necessary and completes any man.

These six essentials will keep you sorted for any occasion.

As a fashion seasons come and go, the style conscious gent will quietly audit his wardrobe to identify any required updates – a key piece here, a fresh palette there.

But he should also have a good look down below … no, further down. Shoes are the foundation of every outfit, the anchor, if you will. Wearing the latest selvedge denim or wide-leg trousers amounts to precisely naught if it’s all undone with a pair of old, mouldy footwear. Allow us to break down the six essential shoes that will cover you for any occasion.

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Look sporty and hip at the same time with a good pair of trainers.

Nowadays the “I-could-exercise-at-any-moment” look is everywhere (thank you, athleisure).

As versatility is key, a sports shoe should happily do double duty at a café counter or a weights bench. If you’re still rocking chunky, fussy trainers, try an update to lightweight, breathable tech fabrics with minimalist style.










Espadrilles are a stylish replacement for jandals in the summer.

Jandals may be the nation’s footwear of choice, but if they’re your summer go-to, it’s high time to upgrade.

Espadrilles are a brilliant substitute, injecting a modern style sensibility without sacrificing anything in the way of comfort with a light, cool, pliable construction.









If you’re harbouring pointed – or square – toed work shoes in the wardrobe, seek a style revision immediately. Likewise, if you’ve become wedded to the derby or Oxford lace-up, it’s time to consider a shift away from those safe and sensible choices and look for a modern update. Like any business attire, the office shoe should exude a sense of confident discretion.

Enter the monk strap. The clean, lace-free shape features masculine buckle detailing that adds a little more wow (without being OTT) and is a little more “now” than plainer alternatives.










This is a look that makes a statement.
When you head out after dark and need to look smart, it’s not enough to simply repurpose the office shoe. Even if no one else notices, you’ll feel like you’re dressing for work. To set it apart from its daytime counterpart it should have a heel and leather sole, with uppers in a dark, suitably luxurious textile such as patent leather or velvet. Certainly, this is a look that makes a statement, one that says “I’m prepared to take risks, yet I’m a classicist”. Step things up a notch with a feature tassel or hardware.


boot shoe








These look just as great under denim as they do with a sharp suit.

It’s all about the Chelsea boot right now and it’s not hard to see why. The signature, elasticised panel makes them easy enough to slip on while also contributing to a fuss-free aesthetic that offers up enviable versatility – they look just as great under denim or chinos as they do with a sharp suit.

We hope this article has given you a clue on how better way to look as a CLASSY MAN that you have been dreaming to become.

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