Prince Eke And Muma Gee

Prince Eke And Muma Gee Fuels Divorce Rumours

Things are not as rosy this festive period in the home of Prince Eke and Muma Gee has several sources have said the couple are close to a divorce.

Recently, Nollywood actor Prince Eke shared a post saying his wife, Muma Gee abandoned her children to party.

The actor claimed Muma Gee traveled to Abuja leaving a few month old baby behind.

Now, the actress has shared some family Christmas photos and Prince Eke is missing from the mix. It seems like the pair have taken a break for now with these latest photos.

Recall that the actor called out his musician wife on Instagram, saying she left for Abuja, abandoning him alone to cater for their three children and all she does is hang out at night clubs with different men.

Muma Gee then told Punch, “Are you saying I shouldn’t do my work again because I am married?

“I am in Abuja and I came to work. I have a show here. In fact, I am in a meeting right now. I’m not bothered, I don’t have any problem with whatever he says.”

The mother of three, reacting to the claims that she abandoned her children, said, “I have no comment. I have a new album, let him help me and market it.

“It is this kind of controversy that we are looking for right now,” she quipped.

We hope this two resolve whatever issues they have.



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