Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman has launched the LED baseball cap for his 2016 collection of Twentieth September Wears (TSW).

In an interview with Nigezie at the exhibition in Lagos, he says he wanted to do something simple but classy.

The Abia State-born artiste also explained that he got the inspiration for the brand name from the idea of writing ’20’ in a unique way.

“The clothing line is called Twentieth September Wears, then I said to myself; how can I write 20 in a different way?

“I thought about roman figures (okay X is 10 ) and I doubled the X (that’s 20). It’s a design, don’t look at me and say it is simple,” he said.

Ruggedman added that “If Versarce or Gevenchy does it, ya’all will go… So Ruggedman is doing it for Twentieth September Wears, you should go crazy about it too”.

He asked Nigerians to support him and revealed that while he introduces the LED baseball cap, he would also showcase some shirt his company had produced.


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