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See Whats New On Twitter That Tells A Story

See Whats New On Twitter That Tells A Story

Today, Twitter has given its users a new feature to help make creating threads easier on the social media platform.

The launch of this feature was announced on December 13, 2017, and this would allow people to post tweetstorms easily. A tweetstorm is a series of connected tweets that have grown to become a popular workaround. As a result, people can now share a longer thought as the character limitations of the platform is by-passed.

The social media platform had confirmed in September, 2017 that it was testing the feature which it’s now calling “threads” across its iOS and Android apps. Over the course of a few weeks, this new feature will be updated on all Twitter users on iOS, Android, and their main site.

The new feature still allows for the 280 characters, but the need for the thread has become more pressing over the years. Twitter users are made to struggle and creatively use the 140 characters count limit. Although Twitter has added the character limit to 280, users are opting to string multiple tweets in a thread.

“At Twitter, we have a history of studying how people use our service and then creating features to make what they’re doing easier. The Retweet, ‘@reply’, and hashtag are examples of this. A few years ago we noticed people creatively stitching Tweets together to share more information or tell a longer story – like this. We saw this approach (which we call “threading”) as an innovative way to present a train of thought, made up of connected but individual elements,” says Sasank Reddy, a Twitter Product Manager in a post on the official Twitter website.

How is the feature used?

The new feature is easy to use, and only require users to click a new plus ‘+’ button in the tweet composer at the end of a tweet. This would automatically add another individual tweet to become a thread.

Also, a Twitter user can type out the series of tweets and click on “Tweet all” to automatically publish all tweets as a thread on the social media platform. A ‘show this thread’ label has also been added to the timeline of all Twitter account.

What does the new feature mean for the Nigerian community?

Twitter users in Nigeria are noted for the use of the platform to tell personal, suspenseful or funny stories with a build-up of tweets after the first one that begins a thread. Hence, this feature will help Nigerian users a great way to connect facts surrounding breaking news or an event with additional tweets as the story progresses.

More so, Nigerians can now use a tweets thread to rant about politics or other issues in a longer post which is more readable and easier to follow.

This feature is also great for Nigerian Twitter users who love to tweet stories as all these can now be streamed onto the Twitter platform at once rather than making their followers wait for the follow-up tweets to find out what happens next.

While some Nigerian users have mastered the art of thread making by replying to each follow-up tweet, with this feature you don’t have to be a pro to create a thread as it is straightforward.