Nigerians have taken to their social media to express their views after TBoss broke down in tears on Wednesday because she could not recite the Nigeria’s National Anthem.

Tboss who was dared to sing Nigeria’s National Anthem by Debie-rise, her closest friend in the big brother house couldn’t after several trails.

During their usual Truth or Dare game outside the yard, the housemates gave some interesting revelation about themselves, as drinking a bottle of water was the punishment for whoever couldn’t go through with their task.

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Efe revealed hooking up with two sisters once while Bisola said having a threesome would be cool, provided it was with a guy she liked and a “babe” she didn’t know.

Unfortunately, Tboss got a bad turn when Debie-Rise dared her to recite the first and second verses of the Nigerian National Anthem.

She stormed at Debie-Rise, calling a “wicked person” for asking her to sing something she’d learnt in another language and hadn’t sung in years.

Her inability to recite the National Anthem sprung up these comments and watch video below;