Tee Billz

Tiwa Savage’s Husband, Tee Billz Is Going Through Therapy

Tiwa Savage’s husband, Tee Billz, has just revealed he’s undergoing therapy.

Although not your usual therapy sessions, it seems the artiste manager is using exercise as a form of therapy.



He took to Instagram today, December 8, 2016, sharing a photo of himself at the gym with the caption, “Morning Therapy.

Another photo shared on December 7, 2016, had the inscription, “Some days it’s not about health or muscle building. It’s just therapy.


He also shared this inspiring post on suicidal and emotionally down people.

Black people have been suffering with deep rooted real pride and DHO when it comes to seeking help…… We laugh at people for going to see therapist, we say IF YOU SCARED GO TO CHURCH”…

We look down on people who seek help who are suffering from mental health and depression, or drugs and alcoholic abuse or even gambling but the truth is most of us are fucked up and need help for real – Growing up in the hood I witnessed ALL LEVELS of mental, emotional and physiological abuse – I’ve witnessed murders, rapes, drugs drive by shootings and drug and alcohol abuse and physical abuse in my home…….

I wrote about this in great detail in my first book…….. it’s hard to be normal when you’re literally on fire in your mind and spirit……. all the money and fame in the world can’t stop you from thinking those thoughts – They call Kanye crazy and a genius in the same breath but in the end he’s a son, a father and a husband rather he’s doing things you agree with or not he’s still a man who needs help just like most of us…….

Y’all think talking your momma or cousin and smokin a blunt or popin a molly is enough nope……. I would encourage you to seek help I have been for many years and my life is so amazing because of it /.

Growing UP in environments and in homes where you see and are exposed to certain things…. you can easily RELOCATE but the effects are still there and won’t go away until you seek professional help – sending love, prayers and all HEART to everyone who can read this if you’re suffering please I’m begging of you SEEK HELP suicide is real and going crazy is real…… if you don’t get real help……. #VoltronChairman -Tyrese.


Get all the help you need Billz!

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