Moments come and go in the Nigerian music industry and such moments come with a song that we all call a Hit. These kinds of songs are generally acceptable vibes based on the ‘trending/acceptable’ genre as at that particular time from social media to the streets and also the influence on TV.

These hits are songs that are well PUSHED via various online platforms (Blogs, Streaming sites), radio stations and when there is a video, a TV station like Nigezie Xtreme is where such hits pass through.

Based on the general acceptance of our channel on Startimes Platform, Star SAT available in most African countries from Burundi to Libya, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and most East African countries also our Social Media following, Web Daily Views and credibility, Youtube Verification, Nigezie Xtreme is offering any ‘Hungry Talent’ who is thirsts so much for a Hit and worldwide acceptance A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to get their songs heard, Videos seen and get direct Feedbacks.

All they need to do is dedicate a New FLASH/HARD DISK drive to Nigezie Xtreme containing a labelled HD formats .MP4 or .MOV. Also a Word Document file that has a little description about the artiste and his career.

The drive will be submitted for review at 22, Coker Street, College RD, Ogba Lagos. A consent form will also be filled to give approval for airplay.

There and then, you can SUBSCRIBE to any of the PUSH packages. The acronym for PUSH is Play Until Something Happens. 

After the song is certified for Broadcast. For the period of subscription, the song will be on rotation.

Against the regular rumour, Airplay on Nigezie Xtreme is FREE but for frequent rotation to amass attention, a PUSH SUBSCRIPTION is necessary.

With a good content (Quality and acceptance) we will air your videos.

Below are the available platforms under the PUSH PACKAGES

  • TV
  • SOCIAL MEDIA HYPE (Video, Audio and Images)
  • WEB POST (Video, Audio, Song lyrics and Press Releases)
  • YOUTUBE FEATURES (Video & Audio)

You Can contact us at the address given above or send Direct Messages on all our social media pages for quick response. Also contact us on [email protected]