Video showing bleaching procedures that instantly whitens skin with black substance stirs reactions

Mixed reactions have continued to trail a now-viral video showing the moment a lady rubbed an unknown black substance on her legs to whiten her skin.

The video has garnered thousands of reactions on Instagram, with many opinions claiming the black substance is a mixture made from charcoal
According to an Instagram user @Gouu2u, ‘the black substance is a charcoal mixture‘. He added: “It is an old procedure and technique for whitening the skin.”
Meanwhile, in the video, the lady could be seen deeply rubbing enough quantity of the black substance on her two legs before wash it off with water to unveil a lighter complexion.
Reacting, @Aluwa Joy wrote: “No matter how person bleach, him handpit, yansh, toto and blockos no go ever cooperate oooo.”

@Ada Mbaise: “That is just a charcoal body scrub he/she is washing off.. the skin didn’t get fair in a split second, that’s even if the person hasn’t always been fair. It’s just a normal skincare routine 😏.”
Watch Video Below


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