Why I am not in support of cosmetic surgery – Alex Unusual

Reality star, Alex Asogwa better known as Alex Unusual reveals why she is not in support of cosmetic surgery.
Recall that few days ago, a lady had died in Lagos trying to undergo a cosmetic surgery meant to improve her bum.
Alex had written a lengthy post on her Instagram post wherein she had deplored the act, describing women who opt for surgery as insecure.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats Alex has revealed why she deplores going under the surgeon’s knife to improve ones features.
She said:
“I am not in support of it (cosmetic surgery) because there are a lot of complications that could develop now or later. If someone has a health condition and they tell me that they need surgery to save their lives, I don’t have a problem with that. But, if you are going for an operation that would put your life at risk because you want to look a certain way, that does not make any sense to me.
We all have insecurities. I have mine but I can live with them. If it is something I can work on, I will. I could have chosen to go for surgery for my body.”

She disclosed that even her friends know well what she thinks of the procedure:
“Anyone that has been with me together in a space where that conversation has ever come up know my stance on it. As my friend, if you say you want to go for (plastic) surgery, I will say ‘no’.”
Alex also cleared the air on the alleged feud between her and Khloe:
“When I made the post, somewhere at the back of my mind, I knew that Koko was going to fight me. That was not the first time we were having that fight. The only difference is that this time, I said it in public. Koko is not one to feel attacked and keep quiet. She does not keep grudges in heart. We had our ‘fight’ in the DM (message inbox). She was just being herself. I really am not sorry for what I said. I told her I get her point and she got mine too. Then, I asked if she was hungry and needed me to buy her food. She said she was still fighting but I should buy the food. I went to her house and delivered the food, but she still abuuussed me.”

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