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It has been a regular issue talking about banning the reality Tv show; Big Brother. Read A lawmaker’s opinion about the widely watched show here.

Ogun State House of Representatives member, Segun Adekoya has called for the ban of Big Brother Naija from Nigerian airwaves due to its immoral theme among other reasons.

Adekoya made the call in a motion to the House, but was absent when the motion was brought up for debate on Wednesday, March 1.

While his absence meant it was not discussed, the motion remains valid.

According to him on Premium Times, ‘By virtue of the existing laws, broadcasting in the country is expected to promote Indigenous cultures, morals and community life and not to encourage values of the country.’

Adekoya added, ‘We must tell ourselves the truth. The show does not promote good ethical or cultural values. It does not amount to any economic gain for Nigeria.

‘Let them continue it in South Africa where homosexuals are legally allowed to get married. But in Nigeria, we still stand by our strong moral and religious ethics.’

His call for the ban comes days after a Lagos House of Assembly member made similar call for a ban of the show.

Big Brother Naija began January 23 and is running for 90 days until mid April where the last housemate standing will emerge winner with a cash prize of N25m.

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