“Worstest” Blunder By A Nigerian Celebrity

Although it is true that nobody is an island of knowledge, it is imperative we work on our flaws towards becoming the best in any position we find ourselves.

The rampant case of grammatical blunder among Nigerian celebrities is one that has really come of concern to fans.

Should we say these public figures are unlearned? Even those that seem uneducated have made efforts to bridge the gaps.

Some of the individuals who have taken this bold step include 2baba (who confirmed in his Nfana Ibaga track “… just because of sey I no finish school…”) and 9ice who went back to pursue his dream of becoming a law graduate.

However, it is disheartening to hear some celebrities speak and make common mistakes such as Double Wahala crooner, Oritsefemi while reacting to the fight at Club Quilox.


In a short clip “worstest-blunder” making the rounds recently, the musician said “you bouncers in those clubs broke bottle first before any other people … even if I’m the worstest person …”.

Nigezie is not citing such instance to make mockery but to encourage both famous and common citizens to develop their skills not only in communication, but towards becoming resourceful for Nigeria.

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