"Ghana jollof is nice" - Hilda Baci makes U-turn after eating at Ghanaian artist Becca's house

Renowned Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci has made a U-Turn about Ghana Jollof after eating at the house of Ghanaian artist, Becca’s house. Recall that Hilda Baci made headlines a few days ago after stating that Ghana jollof has no flavour. This comment caused an uproar on social media. She made this known in a podcast with other Ghanaians where she further proved her point when she recollected a Jollof competition between Nigeria and Ghana. The chef says she has seen their recipes for the different types of the country’s jollof and it is basic at most. Hilda Baci, Nigerian chef. source: google Fast forward, a video has emerged online where she was seen eating at Becca’s house, a Ghanaian musician married to a Nigerian man. In the video, she admitted to enjoying the plate of jollof she ate at Becca’s house and also agreed to grant another interview on the jollof saga.

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