Jay Bowdy, a 34 year old aspiring actor tragically took his own life on Facebook , using the Live feature that allow users to broadcast video directly from their phones to the friend on the platform.

Frederick Jay, went on Facebook at around 5.30am and announced to his followers that he was going to end his life.

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A family member from out of state saw Bowdy’s livestream and called the Los Angeles Police asking them to perform a welfare check.

jay bowdy

There’s no word yet on what actually pushed Bowdy to take his own life, but reports say he’s been suffering from depression and have had suicidal thoughts in the past. His last status before the suicide was three weeks ago and had no hints of what he was going to.


In the Facebook video that has now been taken down, he mentioned having a wife and two children, as well as two other children for past relationships. They are sure to miss him as they try to understand what really went wrong.


Tips about the news:

  • Frederick Jay Bowdy, 33, was found dead in a car in North Hollywood on Monday 
  • A Thursday before, he was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault in Santa Clarita; he was released on $100,000 bail Friday 
  • Bowdy had moved from Fort Worth to Hollywood recently to pursue a career in acting while earning a living as an exotic dancer
  • He starred in the movie Prepper last year and was in the process of filming sports drama Going Vertical 
  • Bowdy is survived by his widow, Whitney, and his six young children  


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