Lady confronts husband's business partner over affair with her husband

A lady identified as Princess on Twitter has revealed how she found out that her husband was having an affair with his business partner.
Princess said she trusted the lady so much not knowing that she had been secretly having an affair with her husband.
She explained that she had never suspected the two of any foul play despite the fact that the mistress had the habit of consistently calling her husband’s phone.
When she became aware of their affair, she messaged the mistress to let her know that she knows about her affair with her husband.
She threatened to leave her husband but discovered that she was heavy with a child..
Read @princesszamamp1’s tweet:
“I sent my husband’s side chick a message politely just to let her know that I was aware of the affair. She’s my hubby’s business partner. I knew her and trusted her.
She would call me when his phone was off and i wouldn’t mind. When I found out, I also discovered that I was pregnant, but believe me, the relationship was never the same. I’m still planning my exit.”

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