Man narrates experience with Reverend sister who boarded same bus

A man identified as Obi Love has narrated his experience with a Reverend sister who boarded same bus with him.
Sharing his experience via Facebook, he narrated how the Reverend sister alighted from the bus after the bus fell into a pothole and their bodies collided.
He narrated,
“I remembered when I was going to campus one faithful morning. I stopped a bus that is heading to school. I sat at the bus close to the driver.
On my way to school, a Reverend sister also stopped the bus because she was going the same direction. She sat with me at the front. On our way going the driver drove into a pothole and my leg mistakenly touched her garment and she looked at me and said I should shift.

I looked at her and obeyed her not because of anything but because she was a Reverend sister. The driver again drove into a pothole which made the bus vibrate and my body had contact with her which is not intentionally.
She looked at me and told me to shift. I got angry and she said to the bus driver to stop that she want to come down. When she came down from the bus, I start asking myself, why did she come down?”

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