Lady who entered same bus with Mohbad’s father shares video

Lady who entered same bus with Mohbad's father shares video

A Nigerian lady who entered a bus with late singer Mohbad’s father has shared a rare video on social media. The lady identified as @1oluwaseyi1, expressed surprise at the chance encounter, stating that Mohbad’s father would have had it hot if it were the time his son’s demise was still in the hearts of everyone. She wrote; “Baba Mohbad in my ride, if na when everything still dey hot, this man for don collect.” The video quickly gained attention, with netizens commending Mohbad’s father for his strength and resilience in the face of his son’s absence. Despite the challenges he may have faced, the father appeared calm and composed in the video, inspiring admiration from viewers. MamiN said: “This man is so strong. It’s well.” Christy reacted: “Best dad of the year. He suffered on his son to be someone at the end he lost him and still strong. Only few fit wirthstand ham.” OLAMIDE said: “If am the one I’ll call him daddy mohbad.” Ore the light said: “This baba mohbad Dey resemble my step dad oo.” Jay Jay said: “He is such a strong man, more blessings sir, take heart.” @phyrills reacted: “Nest daddy.” Watch the video below: @1oluwaseyi1 #mohbad #babamohbad #fyp #fypシ゚viral #bad #wicked #onthisday ♬ Ask About Me – Mohbad

“This is abuse” – Lady shares disturbing encounter on bus, secretly records man’s actions, and cries out

"This is abuse" - Lady shares disturbing encounter on bus, secretly records man's actions, and cries out

A lady with TikTok handle @nonhletavie, has shared her unsettling encounter with a strange man she boarded a public bus with. The incident, captured on video and posted on TikTok, has since gone viral. In the video, the lady narrates her experience as the unidentified man allegedly dozed off and attempted to rest his head on her shoulder without her consent.

The young lady stylishly recorded the incident on her phone and later shared the clip on TikTok, describing the man’s actions as a form of abuse. Expressing her frustration, she emphasized that she did not know the man and found his behaviour inappropriate. The video quickly gained traction on social media, with many users sharing their opinions on the incident and some recounting similar experiences on public transport. Netizens Reactions… Phumelela Ngcobo said; “In years to come kids will be asking how you met their father.”  King Of African Football said; “Abuse ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️no wonder most of our innocent brothers are in jail serving life sentences.” Venus Viollet said; “The nurture in me would even make sure he’s comfortable. He’s tired shame.” JusticeMphike said; ”Which taxi are you riding tomorrow? I also feel like sleeping.” The B said; “Just marry the guy, he’s your soul mate. He’s at peace around you.” Lindokuhle Dlamuka said; “A billionare man, ride a taxi pretending to be sleeping to find love of his life. unfortunately the lady misjudged him.” Sabelo M Dlamini said; “I remember myself on that situation. Some people work really hard and any chance they get they shutdown. Remember to show Ubuntu.” Mohau Rampedi said; “This once happened to me but it was a boy from school I woke him up and told him to sleep on my shoulder he slept till I had to get off let’s be kind.”  See below; @nonhletavie Maphupho fezeka😭🕯️I need a car #taxi #taxichronicles #taxidriver #maphuphofezeka #trend ♬ son original – TRINIX

Whitemoney narrates moment bus driver bashed his Maybach’s side-mirror in Lagos

"Lagos has happened to me" – Whitemoney narrates moment bus driver bashed his Maybach's side-mirror

Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eyes’ winner, Whitemoney has narrated how a Lagos bus driver smashed his Maybach‘s side-mirror. The reality star, in a video posted on his Instagram story, displayed his Maybach after its side-mirror was destroyed by a bus driver.

Whitemoney Maybach's side-mirror bashed by a Lagos bus driver

Whitemoney He noted that he wasn’t the one that was driving when the incident happened. He also stated that he finally feels like he is in Lagos as he has just gotten his own signature. According to Whitemoney, the ear of his baby is ruined and all that is left is to fix it. He pleaded with his fans to refer him to anyone that knows how to fix a Maybach’s side-mirror. See netizens reactions below: od_vogue penned: “I’m so sorry, but I really can never take this guy seriously” mrjaypro__ said: “That side mirror is like 9.6 million Zimbabwe dollars 💸” babawale.millz wrote: “Please why are you telling us, Oga go an fix your 🚗, stop bugging us with your issues….We have a lot to deal with it….plz” teevodaprinz reacted: “This look like something that was carefully remove na… Or is it only me?” slaycar_accessories wrote: “Ha, that’s almost  3.5 million side mirror only😂” WATCH VIDEO:

“My dad is a bus driver” – Nigerian lady takes to social media, proudly promotes her father’s bus driving business

"My dad is a bus driver" - Nigerian lady takes to social media, proudly promotes her father's bus driving business

A Nigerian lady, identified as Erege Ngozi Susan, received praise on social media for proudly endorsing her father’s bus driving business.
She took to her Facebook page to advocate for her father‘s reliability and professionalism while seeking support.
Nigerian lady and her father.
Her post reads: “MY DAD IS A BUS DRIVER. Finding a trustworthy and reliable driver can be challenging. You need someone professional, experienced, ensuring safe and timely transportation. That’s why my father is here for you.”
“Understanding the significance of safety and reliability in transportation, he boasts over 10 years of professional driving experience with a flawless safety record.”
“For property conveyance within the East, he’s available. His bus is also open for charter—ideal for church retreats, weddings, or group events.”
“He prioritizes safety over speed, valuing every life. His exceptional service will guarantee your satisfaction and return for more.”
“With December approaching, consider hiring him to drive your family. When choosing a driver, you can’t go wrong with my father, based in Aba, Abia State. Susan’s FEED.”
The viral post garnered immense attention with many applauding her efforts in the comments.
See some reactions below:
@ibrahim_macduff: “I love the way she is so proud of her Dad being a Bus Driver. Many ladies out their whose their parent can’t even afford this bus are living a fake life, prostituting, feeling ashamed of identifying with their family.”
@roooooneeeey: “I love this I read it again and again. Till date the proudest moment of my life is working with my Dad in his Press. It shaped 50% of my life till date.”
@Wokort: “God bless your father. May he live long. You also need to do good for him. Stay blessed.”

Video shows armed Police giving youths high-speed chase with Korope bus

Video shows armed Police giving youths high-speed chase with Korope bus

In a viral video on social media, a group of Nigerian police officers in a ‘Korope’ bus was seen engaging in a high-speed chase with a group of youths in a vehicle, reminiscent of scenes from action movies. The incident unfolded in an undisclosed place in Southwest Nigeria. The video footage depicts a car carrying three young men attempting to evade the pursuing police officers, who were armed and making use of a “korope” bus. The motorist seemed to believe that the police officers intended to assault them, prompting their effort to quickly enter a gated estate to find safety.

However, the police officers managed to catch up with the vehicle before it could reach the security gate. A dramatic moment from the video shows the security personnel disembarking from the korope bus and stopping the car just as it was about to enter the gated estate. As they halted the vehicle, one of the passengers can be heard asking the officers the reason for the dangerous chase and why they were being accosted in what was perceived as an unprofessional manner. Netizens Reactions… @tboysquare said; “Maybe it was a stolen vehicle or they’re armed robberies cuz I don’t see why they’ll be chasing someone like this.” @AriDonFX1 said; “This police people Dey give armed robbery vibes 💔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I don’t know if Dey are give them training once in a while 💔🤣🤣see that man eyes 👀 🤣🤣cash out don secure.” @sami_oamen said; “Why did the video stop there chai, I heard all of us here are military people….I missed the drama.” @Jefe_says said; “All these harassment, assault and killing won’t end until Nigerians start fighting back. The power in the people is stronger than the people in power.” @elmannygram said;  “Policemxn are very wícked and hatèful people. They hate to see people win. You cannot look good you cannot live good without you being a suspect. The only way you’re safe on the street is to look like a beggar with torn clothes.” @Abigailsam18 said; “@PoliceNG @Princemoye1 does it mean that the Nigerian police force can no longer afford official vehicles for the use of their staffs on duty?” @laraGold143 said; “Police harassment is never justifiable. Ask them to recite the national anthem and watch them get an impersonator for that. Disgrace!.” See below;

“Girl wey calm down go enjoy” – Lady celebrates her man who drove bus for a living as they relocate abroad

Lady man bus abroad

Lady man bus abroad

A lady celebrates her man as she recalls sticking with him during the days he drove commercial bus, as they relocate abroad in grand style. The lady shared her story online to serve as a moral to those who are in the habit of living their broke partners. She shared a video from 2020 when her man was still driving a bus and other subsequent scenes shows them living a ritzy life after they had made wealth. They could be seen flaunting their international passport and then chilling at an known foreign beach.

Lady man bus abroad

Lady and her man. @ANITA said: “Please he disguised as a poor prince 🤣🤣🤣😭😍” @Hykm stated: “I don’t understand why people think is a big deal to stay with their poor partner, while our mothers did it without complaining.” @Odoziaku wrote: “Ngozi this is not a sign to Stay with your broke boyfriend 😂😂leave him now.” @Mara🖤💕🌸 declared: “Omo dat one concern una oh😒 I don leave this one oh before he use Garri blind me 😒🤲🏻” Watch video below … @aceonefamily Moral of the story: If you dont see a future there is no point in being understanding. Sha open your eyes😁😍😍 #couplegoals #glowup #funnyvideos #throwback #wemadeit #fyp #fypシ #viralvideo #tiktoktrend ♬ Strangers – Kenya Grace

Nigerian man shows off electric bus, says no more fuel issue (Video)

Nigerian man converts bus to run on electricity, says no more fuel issue, charges it (Video)

A video shared by a Nigerian man featuring an electric bus converted from a traditional fuel engine has gone viral, capturing the attention of viewers. The video showcases the converted minibus parked in front of what appears to be a petrol filling station. However, instead of fuel, the vehicle is charging electrically, sparking excitement among onlookers. The video, which was posted by an individual passionate about promoting electric vehicles, features a voice behind the camera urging others to consider converting their petrol engines to electric in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. As the footage progresses, the charging process becomes evident. A charger is connected to the minibus, and it is inserted into a charging port situated conveniently on the side of the vehicle. Positioned in front of the station, a prominent board displays the charging rate at an affordable N150 per kilowatt, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of transitioning to electric-powered vehicles. The sight of the converted minibus drew a curious crowd, with people gathering around to witness the innovative technology in action. Many onlookers took out their smartphones to record the event, sharing their excitement on social media platforms, further propagating the message of clean energy adoption. In a follow-up video, a man identified as @charleyman8 provides more insight into the charging capabilities of the converted minibus. According to him, the vehicle can take a substantial charge per session, allowing it to run for an impressive seven to eight hours at a stretch. @user9249885215630 said; “Yes it’s high time we use electric cars.” @user5815598716328 asked; “If they ban the charging vehicle in nija what will you do?” @realben_nc4a said; “Don’t forget to buy pôwêr bank join bro, don’t say i didn’t say my own oo.” @obichidubemfrankl asked; “What does it take to convert and how durable is it?” @Cosmos said; “Dey play until wen ur battery run down like iPhone for road wen no Dey okay.” @omilawaly011 asked; “What if the battery finish along the way?” @Yemi said: “Hardship brings innovations.” @MOVADO said; “Na to dey queue dey charge…this can never work in will soon liquidate.” @Ismail Temmie Habeeb said; “Let all passengers come along with their power bank incase the moto stop in the bush” See below; @charleyman8 No more fuel,convert you car engine to rechargeable.💥🥰 ♬ original sound – Charley

Lady narrates how 2 yahoo boys she sat with in a bus almost implicated her during a police stop

The day I almost landed in trouble" - Lady narrates how yahoo boys she sat with in a bus almost implicated her during a police stop

A Nigerian lady identified as @Atilolahafeezah on Twitter has recounted a harrowing experience where she narrowly escaped being implicated by internet fraudsters, commonly known as “yahoo boys,” during a police stop. The incident occurred during a trip from Ibadan to Ilorin, as she found herself seated with two individuals engaged in fraudulent activities. According to her narration on Twitter, the lady disclosed that during the journey, the police stopped the vehicle she was traveling in, and one of the yahoo boys seated next to her handed her his iPhone with an unusual request. He allegedly asked her to falsely claim ownership of his bag if questioned by the officers. Confused and frightened by the idea, she expressed concern that the bag might contain incriminating items. However, the fraudster assured her that the police would not inspect the bag. Despite her fear, she reluctantly agreed to the plan as she did not want to draw unnecessary attention. Upon being questioned by the police, both the young lady and the other passenger denied any association with the bag in question. To their dismay, the security personnel insisted on inspecting the bag, suspecting there might be illicit items concealed within. To their astonishment, the officers discovered an assortment of voodoo items inside the bag. In her words;  I sat with 2 criminals (gbona gbona yahoo guys) from ibadan to ilorin. When the police stopped us, the one that sat beside me gave me his iPhone and said I should tell the police men his bag is mine I was like how nahh that what if they check the bag and they see something that can implicate me, he said they can’t check it I was sha scared 😂. Then they asked who the owner of the bag is I said not mine and the guy also denied I was like haa 😂 Alakoba re o. So, they opened the bag and they met calabash, soap, clothes and some books. The other guy didn’t carry any bag but the police was bent on him carrying something. So, one of them entered the car and searched where he seated, geh geh un 😂 the man brought out a small plastic inside nylon 😂😭 i was like hafeezahhh so you sat with criminals 😭. The guy sha rushed to the man and begged him not to cast him to his colleagues. If you are not contented as a lady, you are in trouble and they will use you. I’m sure they will release them and collect money from them. Ki olori sho ara o🙏❤️” See below;

The day I almost landed in trouble" - Lady narrates how yahoo boys she sat with in a bus almost implicated her during a police stop


Drama ensues as man slaps stranger’s head on bus after being dared by friend [Video]

Drama ensues as man slaps stranger's head on bus after being dared by friend [Video]

A brief fight occured on a bus after a man slapped a stranger’s head because his friend dared him to. The unknown friends took their truth or dare game to another level while en route to their destination on a public bus.

Man slaps stranger’s head in dare In the video which has gone viral on the TikTok platform, the two were on the bus which was occupied by various commuters. After being given the dare by his female friend, the man landed a slap, for no reason, on the man’s head. The affected man immediately turned back to know why he had slapped his head.

Man slaps stranger’s head in dare game When he noticed the camera was on him he made for it and ruined the device. The owner of the video, who had unfairly slapped a stranger, said: “My friend dared me to tap this stranger’s head Now watched as the stranger spoilt my phone” Watch video below… @favour_tkb Remain small make he beat me oo😂😂😂😂😂 #favourtkb #goviral ♬ Elena Mara beat – Professional beat Check out some reactions following the video… @mirababy said: “I know the Guy you slap 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂his name is aboy 😂he no like peace 😂😂😂😂😂😂” @africamagic stated: “If I no tear you slap I kno no Wetin cause am” @Rosh suggested: “you for tell am you saw mosquito for him head 😅” @Ayomi said: “I swear if na me people go gather for us😂😂”

Nigerian man refuses to enter a driverless bus in Netherlands

Man Driver Bus

Man Driver Bus

Why do people believe in technology? — Nigerian man asks, refuses to enter a driverless bus (Video) A young Nigerian man causes a stir after refusing to board a driverless bus in the Netherlands over his personal mistrust of technology. In a video capturing the incident, the man could be seen boarding the bus and engaging with some passengers who were already seated.

He inquired whether there was a driver or operator present in the bus. Directing his attention to a lady comfortably seated by the window, he questioned why she was at ease despite the absence of a bus driver. Continuing his line of inquiry, he wondered aloud why people would place their trust in a vehicle, resembling a train or bus, to transport them to their desired destination when no driver was visible. After receiving a response from the lady, the man exited the bus and pondered why people believed in the seamless functioning of a driverless car or vehicle in getting them to their intended location. Nevertheless, he expressed admiration for the innovation, likening it to a spaceship and remarking on its beauty. WATCH VIDEO: — Lagos Uncle (@MrNobody5588) July 9, 2023