Man seeks advice after his alluring mother-in-law paid for a hotel room for them to have a discussion

A Nigerian man is perturbed about the decision of his mother-in-law to have a discussion with him in a hotel room.

Acknowledging the beauty of the woman, the newly-wed husband seeks advice on what to do.
In his words: “Hello Mr. Jay, please cover my ID. I just got married last month and I think I am into some serious temptation.
“My mother-in-law who has been winking me unnecessarily ever since I visited for my wife’s wedding plans texted me yesterday that she wants to have a discussion with me.
“When I called her, she said I shouldn’t tell anyone about it and that’s it’s something that is bordering her.

“My mind quickly concluded it could be financial ish, but another mind is saying something else when she said she will be booking a room in a hotel for us to stay and have the discussion.
“I am scared; even if it’s going to be a normal discussion, what happens if somebody sees me going inside a hotel room with a beautiful woman?🤔
“My wife is very fragile, I don’t want her to hear anything even if I know I won’t hurt her, this is worrisome.
“Please help, what should I do? This is a fresh marriage and a fresh family I don’t want to have issues with.”


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