#NigezieXtreme: AQUA MAN Is Set To Be Top Ranking Movie In DC With The Highest Earning

Aquaman is set to be the highest-earning DC film since The Dark Knight. It has been tipped to topple the £120m made in the Batman film’s opening weekend.
The Batman epic has gone on to make more than £782m internationally – which DC will be hoping to surpass with their latest Justice League spin off film.

The star of the film is native Hawaiian brute Jason Mamoa, who before joining the DCEU was best known for his role as Khal Drogo in ‘Game of Thrones’.

In an recent interview on This Morning, Mamoa revealed he was first cast for the Aquaman role in 2013, having to keep it quiet for two years before the official announcement.

As well as having a huge fan base already – and being a genuinely nice bloke off screen – Momoa’s emergence could also be an unexpected be a landmark for the DC universe.

Following on from the success of their first female lead superhero film ‘Wonder Woman’, this will hopefully provide viewers with a more three-dimensional character, building on their universe that had previously lacked diversity.