Desmond elliot

So kind of actor/politician, Desmond Elliot. He rented an apartment for this homeless laundry woman who is under his constituency in Surulere. He shared the photos and wrote..

“So I rehabilitated this bore hole a few months ago, and the woman in this picture apparently is homeless and lives there at that spot, she bought a generator to power the bore hole (she washes clothes for a living). Boy was I impressed? So I decided to give her a little surprise. She got a clean, fresh, room apartment with a television,gotv,fan, matress and chair ..a place to retire to after a days work. Congrats to her”.

Desmond elliot

Desmond elliot

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  1. Desmond, you have done noble. However, since she is a landry person. You would have bought her a washing machine, to make her hustle easier, cleaner and better. It will also increase her profit, so that she can renew her rent upon expiration. I do think that it woukd have been better than buying her a television.

    God bless for showing love to your constituent.

    • I don't think this is a good idea because it gets really confusing when people delete their own comments. Sometimes, you don't even know what the comment was!Plus, YouTube is a place where people can share ideas and thoughts. People shn&3dou#l9;t be allowed to remove their comments.

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