The highly anticipated boxing match between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown as the Fight of the Millenium, which is scheduled for a March date in Dubai is starting to look kind of sketchy when Soulja Boy mentioned things were taking too long.

According to a series of tweets dispatched on Sunday afternoon by the rapper who claims there is a troubling new development, Brown has refused to sign the contract.
Not only did he explain why the match wouldn’t happen, he also took the time to throw shade and make fun of Chris Brown as well.


He wrote:
“Can’t believe this nigga scared to fight me sign the contract Bitch Ass nigga set up the boxing match,” Soulja wrote. “I caught two fades in the streets since this whole beef shit and I won both fights I guess Chris must heard and got scared lol come on boy. Nigga talked all that Shit just to back down and not sign the paper work. Not about that life. No action. Don’t wanna hear about this ever.”

He continued: “Now we all know Chris a Bitch don’t bring this shit up to me ever again. He ain’t wanna see these hands. Facts. Obviously he don’t wanna fight, so I’m gonna leave him alone. Beef over just tell him don’t call my phone over a girl. That was 2nd time.”
“I couldn’t wait to knock that nigga out now about y’all tweet him and ask why he bitched out?” Soulja concluded. “I’m back to the studio. With yo bitch.”

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The boxing match was supposed to be a Pay-Per-View match that would take place in Dubai in March. Floyd Mayweather was training Souljah while Mike Tyson was training Chris Brown. Floyd and 50 Cent were also promoters for the boxing match.

Chris Brown has not yet responded to any of Soulja’s remarks, instead, he is promoting a new “Chris Brown The Party Tour” and just released his video for “Party” featuring Usher and Gucci Mane.

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