Sujimoto set to revolutionalize the construction industry with Sujimoto ready-mixed concrete

Sujimoto set to revolutionalize the construction industry with Sujimoto ready-mixed concrete
Not all concrete are the same – there are concrete and then, there is Sujimoto Ready-Mixed Concrete!
There are three (3) fundamental qualities a developer must ascertain in the purchase of concrete; they are: Quality – this must be the determining factor, it must be of superior quality.
Sujimoto set to revolutionalize the construction industry with Sujimoto ready-mixed concrete
Price – in today’s world of inflation, where the price of even the most mundane thing has skyrocketed, a developer must be frugal and get the best quality at the most affordable price, and lastly, Customer addiction – developers must search far and wide for the best quality concrete that will facilitate customer satisfaction.
With the steady increase in building collapse ratio in the country and the sight of haphazardly constructed structures, now more than ever, there is an incessant need to ensure the safety of buildings and the preservation of architectural integrity.
In so doing, the Group Managing Director and CEO of Sujimoto Group – Sijibomi Ogundele, having studied the market, and seen a gap in the industry, approached the gap with the same innovative ideas he has demonstrated time and again in the development of his magnificent high-rises; LucreziaBySujimoto, LeonardoBySujimoto, to name a few.
Mr Ogundele reiterated, “One of the many reasons we started our own concrete company is because we believe that customer satisfaction is key and most companies weren’t customer-centric and the quality of concrete wasn’t certain. We started this company from the number of horrible experiences and frustration we have encountered, coupled with the exuberant prices and a painstaking need to make sure customer is key.
Although we are producing our cement, we also have the license to sell both Dangote and BUA cement. Whether you need concrete or need to purchase cement, we are the first choice because we are not doing it for profit maximization. We are doing it to further build a relationship with the construction community.”
In comparison to numerous demolitions and building collapses in Nigeria, this young entrepreneur decided to take the bull by its horns. This led to him putting together a team of brilliant minds from around the world and arguably the most professional team with a vision to erect the tallest residential building in Banana Island using only the best quality cement and concrete. The only way to ascertain its quality was to roll up his sleeves and delve head first into the production of his concrete line – SUJIMOTO READY MIXED CONCRETE, a brand that has now been termed “the No.1 Choice for High-Quality Concrete”.

Here are three (3) reasons why Sujimoto’s ready-mixed concrete is the road map to a solid project.

High-Quality – Quality concrete is critical to public safety and must be prioritized as the most crucial feature of ready-mixed concrete. That is why, at Sujimoto, we prioritize quality over pricing. Sujimoto Ready-mixed Concrete guarantees a robust structure when employing any of our high-quality products, including C25, C30, C40, and C50 grades.


Price – Without a question, pricing is significant in today’s challenging environment, and its importance cannot be overstated. Price is vital in an economy, which is why Sujimoto makes our high-quality concrete affordable for budgets.


Customer Addiction – One of the reasons this company was founded was because other companies didn’t respect our demands for quality products, they said we were “asking for too much”. So, we decided to take it upon ourselves and prioritize our consumers. We go above and beyond to please our clients because we don’t want them to suffer the same tragedy that we experienced. From our lightning-fast shipping to our excellent customer service and experience.

Sujimoto Ready Mixed Concrete offers the best quality with its numerous luxurious projects. It is made with the highest grade of equipment with no compromise on quality.
Think value for superstructures; think Sujimoto Ready-mixed Cement.
You can send us an email at [email protected] or call Depeesh on 0806 919 567 or Vinay on 08080882166 to learn more about our products or to place an order today.

Sujimoto, is the No.1 Luxury Real Estate and Construction Company in Nigeria and the Developers of the LucreziaBySujimoto – the tallest and most luxurious high-rise in Banana Island; the LeonardoBySujimoto – a 25-storey waterfront tower in Banana Island; the proposed QueenAminaBySujimoto, a first-of-its-kind luxury tower located in highbrow Abuja; and the proposed Sujimoto Tower in Downtown Dubai, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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