Dan Dizzy carpets Caramel Plugg for broke-shaming him


Nigerian rapper, Dan Dizzy has slammed comedian and influencer, Caramel Plugg for going on Twitter and broke-shaming him.

Dan Dizzy

You would recall that Dan Dizzy took the first swipe at Caramel Plugg, following her comments during a podcast that went viral on social media. The rapper had asked her to sell he body with her full chest in public, rather than hid under the guise of a podcast.

Caramel Plugg

Caramel Plugg took to Twitter and wrote: “It be the ones that don’t have shimgbain getting triggered the MOST! why Replying to Caramel, Dan Dizzy put Caramel in her place, adding that he blames “her blame your friends that massage her dirty ego” In his words: Bruh stfu you’re a nuance and I blame your friends that massage your dirty ego,girls like you have come and gone, real gees like me will forever stay solid and call out your b.s!!! Una wan make boys wey Dey work legit work feel stOpid but that tactics of broke shaming no Dey work for my side. See post below;