Seun Kuti caught on camera violently confronting a Policeman (Video)


Seun Kuti Police confrontation

Afrobeat singer Seun Kuti has found himself in the headlines after a video emerged of him pushing and slapping a policeman on Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos. The incident has caused a stir on social media, with many questioning the musician’s actions and the circumstances that led to the confrontation.

Seun kuti policeman confrontation

It is unclear what caused the altercation between Kuti and the police officer, but in the video, the officer appears to remain calm during the confrontation. The incident reportedly occurred on May 13th, according to the person who shared the video on social media.

Seun Kuti Policeman confrontation

The video has since gone viral, with many expressing their views on the incident. Some social media users have criticized Kuti’s behavior towards the police officer, stating that violence is not the solution to any problem. Others, however, have defended the musician, claiming that the police are often brutal towards civilians and that Kuti was simply standing up for his rights. The incident involving Kuti and the police officer is currently under investigation, and further details are expected to emerge in the coming days. See below; Afrobeat Singer, Seun Kuti pushes and slapped a Police officer he was confronting on the Third Mainland bridge — GistReel.Com (@GistReel) May 13, 2023

Nigerian woman cries out as husband dies while confronting driver


A woman identified as Mrs. Mabel Olorunfemi has revealed how her husband lost his life while confronting his eight-year-old daughter’s bus driver who molested her. According to her, her daughter usually follows the school bus and one day, she returned to lament over being assaulted by the driver.

She claimed that the bus driver drove her to his house after he had dropped every other person on the bus, and then molested her. Her furious father visited the school to confront the driver. During the confrontation, her father got angry and slapped the driver who in turn retaliated by pushing the man down which led to his death. The post read: “My 8 years old daughter, Sarah attends Luyol School, lIju Ishaga, Lagos State and the school bus picks and drop her everyday. On the 1st of Feb, my daughter came home and told me that after the school bus driver had dropped everyone at their houses, he took her to his house, told her to lift her school uniform and sit on his lap to ki§s him and was calling her his wife. “When my husband returned home, i told him everything. He was so angry and we went to the school the following day. At the proprietor’s office, the bus driver who goes by the name Jacob, was also present. “After asking my daughter to narrate all that happened, the proprietor asked the driver why he brought back the school bus late on that fateful day my daughter said he took her to his house, he responded that he had to drop something somewhere after dropping the kids. “Out of anger, my husband s#apped him. The driver held my husband in the neck and then pushed him on his chest. My husband fell down and passed out. The driver fled the scene immediately. “We rushed my husband to the hospital and he was confirmed dead on arrival. Till now the driver has not been found and the school is doing business as usual. I NEED JUSTICE FOR MY HUSBAND, FREDERICK OLORUNFEMI.” See the post below: