UK based Nigerian bashed for making content about husband’s ‘withdrawal method’


A UK-based Nigerian woman faces ridicule after creating content about how her husband‘s withdrawal method failed him after they relocated.

The woman in a viral video spoke about their plan to not have a baby for the first two years in the UK. Unfortunately, her husband’s withdrawal method failed him and she got pregnant. In a minute video, the Nigerian woman documented their trip to the hospital where they confirmed that she was truly pregnant. The content, however, was met with ridicule from netizens who questioned how people got comfortable with sharing private information online.

A social media user @christyezissi wrote;
“I don’t know how I feel about this …talking about a husband’s withdrawal skills on social media ….maybe I am the only one that have issues with stuffs like this ….I just feel it’s too private an information to share.” @wendy_adamma added, “Once you relocate go youkay and you no open camera dey give us unsolicited gist. May God bless you immensely.” Another user noted @bigbrofullcurrent, “Thank God for Nose mask 😷 Nigerians for don tag 🏷 you and your husband two seconds…. So una go learn how to keep una family matter for YouKay 😂😂😂😂.” Watch the video below …