Event planners print ‘special money’ sprayed at event (Video)


Nigerian event planners print a special form of money sprayed at their event amidst the scarcity of both old and new naira notes.

Naira Scarcity: Event planners print 'special money' sprayed at event (Video)

A video making the rounds on social media captured the moment attendees of an event sprayed a customized currency other than naira. According to Isaac Fayose who shared the video, he stated the event planners generated their own money which is bought via bank transfers of naira notes. “Who do us for Nigeria”? Due to Naira scarcity, they printed their own party money, you do an electronic transfer, you get the naira equivalent in the denomination you want for spraying at the party. 😔 Is spraying a must? Wahala wahala wahala😅😂🤔,” he wrote. What the video below …