Tailor blasts girlfriend for altering dress he sewed for her

A lady has shared her boyfriend’s hot WhatsApp message after adding a high slit to the asoebi dress he sewed for her. The message, filled with blunt criticism, questioned why the lady identified as @i_amsomia had torn the dress at the lap and expressed frustration with her desire to always stand out. The woman’s boyfriend did not hold back in sharing his thoughts, sparking a conversation online. The message read; “Why u go tear this clothes for lap. Must ur thing always be different. Why u go tear dat clothes?” Netizens wasted no time in reacting to the boyfriend’s unfiltered critique. The comments section of the TikTok post were filled with hilarious responses. Many found humor in the boyfriend’s straightforward and somewhat perplexed reaction to the high slit on the woman’s dress. @Pretty lisa reacted: “Mine is worse o he will even say that the tailor doesn’t know anything.” @kem’s collection said: “You will tear that cloth.” @Ama Soronko said: “I told u not to tear am shebi u seeke.” @Maama reacted: “You set, why you tear am.” @ayssignature5 said: “My own go ask me whether material no do ni.” @burger14 said: “U tear am abi u no tear am.” @thomsclaire reacted: “But y u tear am.” @Catherine Isaac said: “Must ur things always be different why u con tear the clothes.” See the video below: @i_amsomia This man😂🤲#fypシ゚viral #asoebi #traditionalmarriage #cinnamon ♬ original sound – user17736938751

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